Emacs – 101

I have recently developed interest in learning Emacs editor. I have been learning Functional Programming languages like Haskell and lately Erlang and was looking for Editor/IDE for them. IntelliJ Idea have plugins for these languages but the IDE is very heavy. So came to Emacs and am learning it. Particularly like the idea that every thing can be done with keyboard shortcut so no need to move hands between mouse and keyboards.

A bit of warning for faint hearts, don’t try emacs as quick learning. It has steep learning curve.

I have started with basic navigation commands like (these are for WINDOWS) :

CTRL+c CTRL+f : Open a file

Move in file :

CTRL+f : move forward one character (RIGHT key)

CTRL+b : move back one character (LEFT key)

CTRL+n : move down on next line (DOWN key)

CTRL+p : move up on previous line (UP key)

CTRL+a : Move to the beginning of the lines (Home key)

CTRL+e : Move to the end of the lines (End key)

ALT+f : Move forward one word

ALT+b : Move backward one word

Other navigation:

ALT+r : Moves to center most line of window

ALT+< : Move to top of the buffer

ALT+> : Move to end of the buffer

CTRL+v : PageDown key

ALT+v : PageUp key


The other good feature is Org-mode. For beginners found the tutorial at http://orgmode.org/worg/org-tutorials/org4beginners.html

What is Org-mode?

From the website orgmode.org :

“Org mode is for keeping notes, maintaining TODO lists, planning projects, and authoring documents with a fast and effective plain-text system.”

The  Org-Babel model can be use to write Literate Programming Documents.

More to come…



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